Thursday, October 16, 2014

3 Good Things to Buy at Costco

1. Milk and Eggs- Diary has usually been a steal at Costco.  Now that milk and eggs are constantly going up dairy continues to be a best deal here but make sure you check any 'loss leader' ads at other stores for good deals.  Butter, that's a whole new monster (can you believe it went up to $2.99/lb?!)  Make sure to check other ads before shopping at Costco.

2.Toilet Paper- Hands down best buy at $15.00 for the large pack.  My rule of thumb is .50 cents per double roll or less.  Costco has the best quality for generic brand also.

3. Fruits and Vegetables (sometimes!)- again, caution and knowing your prices, i.e. having low price sheet , make it easy to buy bananas, spinach, red peppers and lettuce at Costco.  Again, knowing your prices first and looking at 'loss leaders' before you go to Costco really help.

What are your hot buys at Costco?