Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How I shop

Did you get your Winco coupon in the mail?

I took that puppy straight to Winco.  Since I'll be getting an extra $10 in my budget from this coupon, I got out my want list.

This is what I bought at the bulk section:

-golden raisins
-chopped dates (these will be for recipes, not straight eating)
-sunflower seeds
-carob chips
-brown rice
-cocoa powder **
-oregano (all spices/herbs from Winco are a steal)
-spelt flour
-organic cane sugar
-shredded unsweetened coconut (I usually get this in the fridge section at a health food store, but I
                                                     really needed some)

** Does anyone know where to get a good quality cocoa powder for less than $5 a pound?

All of these prices are better than everywhere else for these items specifically. However, there are some bulk items that I get only at QFC or Whole Foods.  I know, it goes back to that old problem of couponing--- spending all your time going to different stores.  It's all part of the eating clean and staying in the budget game. If you know me well, then you know I only do my shopping when I'm already going to be in that area anyways.  So, I call it multi-tasking, frugal, hop shopping. Ha!

 Next time I will jot down prices.  Now I need to mess up my kitchen with all this yummy stuff.

In harmony,

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