Thursday, April 4, 2013

Homemade All Purpose House Cleaner (just like Mrs. Meyers)

Cast of Character for 'Mrs. Moss' Cleaner"

I am super excited about this new recipe I came up with.  Here's the behind the scenes scoop.

I'm normally a Mrs. Meyers user.  Fave fragrances: lemon verbena, basil, lavendar (in that order).  The large 32 oz. bottle lasts forever, and I usually get it using double coupons so it costs me less than $5 for said bottle.  Today I was out of the large bottle and needed to refill my spray bottle.

Went to my store, sans coupons because there are not any coupons out for Mrs. Meyers at the moment, and the price was now $9 for the 32 oz. bottle.  Well, I bit my lip and put the Basil cleaner in my cart.  Cruising through the aisles, hardly focusing on my list, I turned around and put the bottle back, determined to find a way to make my own.

After a little searching, the cleaning soap bar review is excellent.  The All Purpose Cleaning review is less than stellar- from what others are saying it's just fancy water, not so much a disinfectant.  Lol!**funny story

Back to the chemistry lab to make an better version, I concocted "Mrs. Moss' Cleaner". (Seeing my name like that in print makes me feel old). I like to think this cleaner is new and improved. It's easy to make and you should have everything on hand.  If you need oils, contact me.

 "Mrs. Moss' Cleaner"

2 cups water, very warm
1 tsp baking soda
2-3 tsp Borax powder
3-4 drops of dish washing soap, Dawn is good
5-10 drops essential oil, (I used Wild Orange)


Find a container to make your cleaner in (I used my old Mrs. Meyers bottle- looks great huh?!). Warm the water in microwave til it's very warm, almost hot, but not boiling.  Add 1 tsp. baking soda, then stir til dissolved.  Add 2-3 tsp. Borax powder then stir til dissolved.  Then add 3-4 drops of grease cutting dish washing soap. Don't add too much.  You don't want this to be sudsy.  Add in your fave essential oil.

Start cleaning baby!

Years ago, like over 15 years ago, Boss Moss and I built a house (as in had a contractor, picked all the insides and outsides/all custom new, so fun).  We had been in the house about 4 months with our 3 girls, one being 6 months old.  We started getting really, really sick.  One day I noticed that when I turned on the hot water at the sink, the water was cold, and vice versa.  I called the contractor to come fix it.  Lo and behold... the plumber had plumbed the sink and dishwasher backwards; meaning we had been "cold bathing" our dishes in the dishwasher that whole time.  I blame the whole oversite to being sleep deprived.


  1. Thanks for coming up with this, it sounds super easy Can't wait to try it!

  2. You are welcome. Hope it helps!

  3. I'm happy to find a recipe for a homemade product that has a wonderful scent! Thank you for sharing!