Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jon Schmidt- from the Piano Guys

We had an amazing chance to see Jon Schmidt from the Piano Guys play and speak tonight.  He is a gentle, soft-spoken soul, who has a big spirit, obviously he speaks through his music.

He played 4 songs: his version of All Creatures of our God and King, Waterfall  and a tribute to his sister (all his own composition), All of Me, and an amazing arrangement of Onward Christian Soldiers!

It was an uplifting evening.  The best part was when my 11 year old son (who's taken piano for only 3 years) told me he wanted to meet him.  We waited an hour to meet him and Mr. Schmidt was so gracious.  He let Pierce measure hand spans.  Jon Schmidt's fingers were about 1/2" longer than mine, and I have very long fingers.  He also fist bumped me because I'm a piano teacher!!

AWESOME Night! My kids were so excited to meet him.  This is what leaving a legacy is about- giving your kids something to dream about.

Thanks for coming with us Laurie, it was fun.

** if you want to watch a great evening of tv, watch the Piano Guys on PBS this week.  It's really an emotional performance.


  1. He is very talented; I'll bet it was an amazing performance! Waterfall has always been one of my favorites, even before it was 'Piano Guys'! Did you see Elder Schmidt too? =)

  2. It was an amazing performance and talk that he gave- very poignant and well said! His son bore his testimony and it was sweet!