Monday, July 21, 2014

Tuesday Music Video

Post by Giulliano Chiampi.

I've always told my piano students that playing the piano is truly a body workout.  Now they can believe me!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Music Video

photo by SMW

Putsing around today.  Turned on some Christmas music, made this card, and viola! Good thing it's too hot outside for hot chocolate, otherwise I'd really be pining for more Christmas music.

Enjoy this day and if you're starting to think about Christmas, the song below is one of my favorites.

In harmony,

Monday, July 14, 2014

What to do....In the Summer? Fly In at the Arlington, WA airport

photo by SMW
The Arlington Fly-In is really hopping.  If planes can hop, that is? It's a whole week of planes, planes, and anything that flies.

photo by SMW
These pictures are from the Saturday show towards the end of the week long events.  We live up the hill from this small airport so we can see the loop-de-loops from our deck, but we wanted to be up close for the special air show.

photo by SMW
There were old, new, and fancy planes doing tricks.  There were many professional photographers by us with HUGE lenses getting shots.  What a hard thing to photograph?!

photo by SMW
Lots of oohs and aahs from the huge crowd.  All week traffic near the airport has been at a stand still as cars slow down to watch the acrobats and not get in a wreck.

photo by SMW
There are people from all over the country and Canada that come to this airshow.  For a week before and a week after the airshow we'll be hearing planes coming and going.  It makes our little town feel important.  Just for a week!
photo by SMW

We went back for the night show at 9:30 pm.  This was the piece de resistance- the pyrotechnics show.  Let me tell you it's more than cool!  They light something dangerous on the planes and fly all over the sky and do cool tricks, cooler than the day shows.  The only reason I think the stuff was dangerous on the planes because below on the tarmac they had firetrucks at the ready.  Nothing happened, just lots of cool stuff happening in the sky.  To top the week and evening off, when the planes landed they lit fireworks!

The Arlington Fly In is always the week after July 4th.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Eloise at 46

photo courtesy of New Yorker

Did you know that Eloise is 46?  It kind of shocked me since we are only a year apart in age.

My girls used to read her books and we thought they were hilarious and outrageous.  The movie was good too.  If you want a modern update of her life go check out this write-up on her present day happenings here.

Those of you who have been to New York or lived there will get a kick out of it.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Music is Art

All life is trying to be art, and all art is trying to be music.

I love hearing hymns because they remind me of heavenly art, the earth.  I love to see paintings of fields from Europe because it reminds me of music like Pathetique by Beethoven.  Art and music are interchangeable.  

This week, please send me a picture of your music/art inspiration.

In harmony,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What to the Summer?

photo by SMW
Marysville, Wa has a great park called Jennings Park.  Within the huge Park are trails, play sets, ponds, a petting zoo, and a master garden.

photo by SMW

My kids know that if we go to Jennings Park they can bike, skate board, throw a frisbee- but they're on their own, because I'll be in the master garden.

photo by SMW

It doesn't bother me that my own garden will never look like this.  I only have to come visit this one and enjoy it.  I so appreciate the master gardeners who have volunteered their time for this project.  It is breathtaking and peaceful here.

photo by SMW

Hopefully if you are near Jennings Park you'll take some time to enjoy the master gardens.  Go and "sit a spell" because it will do your soul good.  Plus, if you like gardening, you might just get some great ideas!  I know I do.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why Buy in Bulk?

Have you noticed food prices have gone up?  Hello, I'm down to 4 people at my house.  My food bill should be down.  It is NOT.

Let's talk buying food in bulk.  Not Costco talk, but bulk bins chatter.

At times, I've been skeptical of bulk bins.  Do they rotate the food often?  Are there people touching the foods, running their hands through the bins, sneezing on an open bin?  Is the quality of food as good as packaged goods? These thoughts do run through my mind.

While I read this post about bulk bins it helped ease my fears about hearing from actual grocery store clerks how they service the bin area.  At my local Winco I see them service the bins often.  At Whole Foods I have also.  And at QFC, whoa!  I love their bins!  I wish I had that store closer!

So here are the reasons to buy in bulk using the bulk bin area:

  • cost
  • reduce waste
  • eliminate the middle man
  • freshness
  • desired quantity
Do you have another reason for shopping the bulk bins?