Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Moment Monday

Sesame Street and music really go hand in hand.  Think of all the songs you watched being sung by Grover, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and all their friends.  Can you sing one?

Well this Christmas, Sesame Street and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir are going to get together for the annual MoTab Christmas concert in Salt Lake City.  Tickets are free and they are up for grabs today!

Wish I was going to be in Salt Lake City for this one!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween- No Candy Options

I've been a Halloween grinch for a few years- or have I?  I'm protecting your and my children from tooth decay and an unnatural sugar high.  I give out little prizes like slap hands and pencils.  I usually get a 'hey, that's cool' or 'I really like this', even a 'I like this better than candy!' sometimes.  Super neat!

Here's a few ideas for those that want to join the non-candy band wagon.
 1. slap hands- $6.92 for 6 dozen.  Not bad.  That averages to about the same price as candy treats.

2. Glow Stick Bracelets- $8.89 for 100, that's a smokin' deal.  Kids love these. A lot!

3. Glow in the dark Bouncy Balls- I want one.  Sounds like hours of fun!  $6.25 for 48 balls.

4. Crazy Eye Patch- $5.25 for 48.  This one looks like a winner for after Halloween shenanigan's.

There are so many options.  Happy pre-Halloween shopping.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

3 Good Things to Buy at Costco

1. Milk and Eggs- Diary has usually been a steal at Costco.  Now that milk and eggs are constantly going up dairy continues to be a best deal here but make sure you check any 'loss leader' ads at other stores for good deals.  Butter, that's a whole new monster (can you believe it went up to $2.99/lb?!)  Make sure to check other ads before shopping at Costco.

2.Toilet Paper- Hands down best buy at $15.00 for the large pack.  My rule of thumb is .50 cents per double roll or less.  Costco has the best quality for generic brand also.

3. Fruits and Vegetables (sometimes!)- again, caution and knowing your prices, i.e. having low price sheet , make it easy to buy bananas, spinach, red peppers and lettuce at Costco.  Again, knowing your prices first and looking at 'loss leaders' before you go to Costco really help.

What are your hot buys at Costco?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ace Hardware- Ladies Night

photos by SMW

See that cool old time wood floor! Yes, it's original to Arlington's local hardware store that's over 100 years old.  Nifty huh?!

This place is an icon in town.  Not only do they have free popcorn (which tastes super yummy) but you can get one-of-a-kind gifts here!  Like stuff for your parents that are hard to buy for!

"I want that ship!"  

If you are a Napoleon Dynamite fan, go buy that ship!  If you're a stuffed moose head fan, they have every kind of dead animal on the planet hanging around all over the store.  You could make a treasure hunt out of it.  No kidding!  We saw a wart hog!  Who hunts wart hogs?

Sorry for the blurry pic.  I was juggling popcorn AND a camera.  Not my talent.  I love this tree in the middle of the store.  So artistic!

The second floor is for girls.  And Ladieeesss, you'll want to go. Saturday, October 18th 6:30-9pm  they are allowing only ladies in the store.  No men, no kids.  Just females.  Because upstairs they have some darn cute clothes.  The style is uptown country and some is casual rhinestone jeans, like Miss Me jeans.

There's refreshments, prizes, and sales, plus a photo booth.  

I'll be there!  How 'bout ya'll?  

Bet you didn't know I used to live in Texas?  I actually went to middle school and high school there but never picked up the accent.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Who doesn't like cute and Grover?  And more cute?!

The organization is running a campaign called Socktober.  The idea is to fill socks with hygiene goods and leave them for homeless people this month.

I love the idea!  My daughter Reagan would love to fill socks.  She's like that!  She also could have written and acted in the video above.  I love her for that!

Hors D'oeuvres- in other words- Fancy Food

photo by SMW

Hors D'oeuvres literally means 'apart from the main work' or separate from the main course, if you're talking about food.  That's fancy talk for yummy little bites that come before the main course- whatever that main course might be!

My friend Dawn and I were asked to put a little food reception together for a speaker that was coming to town.  We decided on finger foods that were pleasing to the eye and easy to handle.  The above picture is one of the yummy bites we had on the menu.  So easy:  fresh mozzarella cut in cubes, fresh basil, and cherry tomatoes- all skewered.  Yummy! 

Wish I'd had time to snap more pictures but we were working under pressure to get things done fast!

I won't tempt you while I describe all the other yums we had.  Next time I'll be better at delegating chopping and filling tasks so I can go snap pictures.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Arla Dorfino Cheese was 'Gouda'!

So I was given a chance to try out Arla Dofino cheese from  I love Gouda cheese so it was easy for me to choose Gouda and think of ways to use it.

We came up with an easy dinner to put the Gouda in: mac n' cheese.  Homemade Mac  'n cheese is very simply and fast to make and you almost don't need a recipe, especially when you're using high quality cheese like the Arla Dofino brand.

photo by SMW

This what it looked like before we put it in the oven.

And after we got it out of the oven, it disappeared VERY fast. Wish I had more cheese!  It was the best homemade mac 'n cheese I've ever made.