Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cover Girl +Olay

Have you seen these commercials with Ellen de Generes?  They are cute plus they show her playing around with a smooth, flexible ball. My take on that is Cover Girl wants you to know that they've partnered this makeup with Olay, known as a firming, rejuvenation product in the beauty product world.  I've really enjoyed using this product and, in my own opinion, I think it's made my skin look smoother and more youthful.

photos by SMW

Here's the de-puffer and the foundation makeup. Ready to give it a try.  Below is my naked face.

Above, I am using the de-puffer to hide the black under my eyes (I'm a light sleep and not enough sleep).

Voila!  The finished product.  nice and smooth and youthful.  I love it!  The foundation is creamy and covers spots nicely.  The de-puffer does its job of hiding tired eye shadows and any other spots around the face.  I have 'mother's mask'.  It's a condition where the skin blotches from pregnancy.  This makeup conceals the blotches much better than others.

I'm really happy with this product and know I'll be using it in the future.

*I received this product free from in return for a review of the product.  The opinions above are my honest opinions.