Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween- No Candy Options

I've been a Halloween grinch for a few years- or have I?  I'm protecting your and my children from tooth decay and an unnatural sugar high.  I give out little prizes like slap hands and pencils.  I usually get a 'hey, that's cool' or 'I really like this', even a 'I like this better than candy!' sometimes.  Super neat!

Here's a few ideas for those that want to join the non-candy band wagon.
 1. slap hands- $6.92 for 6 dozen.  Not bad.  That averages to about the same price as candy treats.

2. Glow Stick Bracelets- $8.89 for 100, that's a smokin' deal.  Kids love these. A lot!

3. Glow in the dark Bouncy Balls- I want one.  Sounds like hours of fun!  $6.25 for 48 balls.

4. Crazy Eye Patch- $5.25 for 48.  This one looks like a winner for after Halloween shenanigan's.

There are so many options.  Happy pre-Halloween shopping.