Friday, April 5, 2013

Garden 4/4/2013

grape vines

My husband, Boss Moss, is onboard with the extended gardening plan.  We spent $72.77 on composting materials, stakes, garden rich soil, and seed potatoes.  We also spent another $21.11 for straw for our potato tower and seeds we couldn't find anywhere.

I told some friends that in the past I've tried to do a garden as cheap as possible.  Sometimes, being creative with money is good, really good.  But sometimes, you have to invest a little to get a bigger return!  In the gardening world, I think that applies.  My dirt wasn't so great or nutrient rich, my seeds were the cheapest (probably oldest too) you could find, and my harvest was always dismal.  And, I wondered why!

Boss Moss put together a container garden so I could have more room.  We had really nice wood left over from when we extended our deck last summer. Now to keep Bono out of it (it's not his personal play box!)

Readers, this year, I'm putting in some money, more dedicated time, effort, sweat-- to see if more results will be a fruit and vegetable bounty!  I'm going to weigh the food and compare it to the grocery store.  My challenge is to come out with more food than what I paid for and then some.

Total so far...$162.66

Starting to look like an official garden, yahoo.  Now we have to wait....the hard part!

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