Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

It's a few days late, but Easter needs some attention here.  We like to celebrate passover and Easter for about a week, because there is such rich meaning in both.  Not to leave out any fun, we have an egg hunt in the back yard and a few small gifts, with (cringe) cheap chocolate.  I know.  I should have put forth greater effort to buy the good stuff.  Next year.

So, to counter balance the bad stuff, I made my healthy truffle balls.  Those were gone in a flash.  The highlight for Boss Moss and I was putting our noggins together on what to get our pre-teen through teens (our adult children get gifts in kind- like help with school funds :)  It's like Christmas all over- they don't need anything, but we want to get them something small.

After they found their plastic eggs 'unhidden' all over the yard, plowed through the cheap stuff in their baskets, we had them ask 5 questions about their gifts.  They actually got very close on the last question: "Is it a musical instrument?"

And yes, we got them 3 ukeleles, in different colors.

A couple hours later, we were off for a mini-vacation, and that is all they did in the car.  It really was wonderful to hear the soft strum of the ukelele down the road.

I call that success!