Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To Coupon or Not to Coupon and clean eating

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You and I are probably aware that couponing isn't as good as it used to be.  Albertsons is going to drop its 'double-coupon' program around June, Rite-Aid doesn't have as many deals as it used to, especially the free items, and prices are going up.

So, what's a frugal minded person to do? Lose the game?  Give up?  Heck no!  Stay in the fight and rework your strategy.

I personally am in the swing of changing alot of family recipes- meaning, we are eating a little different.  We eat more out of our food storage and we are eating cleaner!

What does clean eating mean? My mentor is Green Smoothie Girl, who gives seminars.  Go to one seminar and you'll realize that you want to live CLEAN!  Believe me, when you do, you feel like you've brushed the inside of your brain with a toothbrush- yes, you feel squeaky clean through out your body.  So, it's a process.  I cheat and then I feel yucky.  This challenge- it's a way of life, but I can't snap my fingers and change overnight with 7 other people to tow behind me.  It is taking time with making new recipes, changing the foods in our storage (that means throwing out some naughty foods!), and learning about foods we've never really tried before.

It's actually an exciting journey and I rely heavily on my friends that are trying to change their habits and blogs of people that are doing the same thing.  Let's do it together!  So, yes, I still coupon a little, but not like I used to;  honestly, my budget hasn't changed that much.  I will start weekly showing you what I am buying - where and how.

When we clean our body, the music inside of us has a vessel to sing through!  Enjoy a clean eating day!  How are you doing on your challenge to eat clean?

In harmony,

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