Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ace Hardware- Ladies Night

photos by SMW

See that cool old time wood floor! Yes, it's original to Arlington's local hardware store that's over 100 years old.  Nifty huh?!

This place is an icon in town.  Not only do they have free popcorn (which tastes super yummy) but you can get one-of-a-kind gifts here!  Like stuff for your parents that are hard to buy for!

"I want that ship!"  

If you are a Napoleon Dynamite fan, go buy that ship!  If you're a stuffed moose head fan, they have every kind of dead animal on the planet hanging around all over the store.  You could make a treasure hunt out of it.  No kidding!  We saw a wart hog!  Who hunts wart hogs?

Sorry for the blurry pic.  I was juggling popcorn AND a camera.  Not my talent.  I love this tree in the middle of the store.  So artistic!

The second floor is for girls.  And Ladieeesss, you'll want to go. Saturday, October 18th 6:30-9pm  they are allowing only ladies in the store.  No men, no kids.  Just females.  Because upstairs they have some darn cute clothes.  The style is uptown country and some is casual rhinestone jeans, like Miss Me jeans.

There's refreshments, prizes, and sales, plus a photo booth.  

I'll be there!  How 'bout ya'll?  

Bet you didn't know I used to live in Texas?  I actually went to middle school and high school there but never picked up the accent.

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