Thursday, May 9, 2013

Garden- May 8th, 2013 - lots of Rhubarb

Garden report here.  With the sun shining, there's so much to do, especially since all the seeds have decided to do their job- grow!  My first harvest this week was rhubarb!  My grandparents had rhubarb in their backyard in Sugar House, Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have so many good memories playing in their little bungalow and backyard garden.  One of them was eating rhubarb pie.

I pick my rhubarb then I freeze it for later.  I can whip out a bag for rhubarb crisp, or rhubarb/strawberry pie, or our newest fave Rhubarb jam.  Yes, you read it correctly rhubarb jam.  I'd looked for a long time for a good jam recipe with the tart and strange 'fruit' (is it part of the fruit group?)  We love that it actually tastes like apple jam: kind of like biting into a red jelly belly, thinking it's going to be spicy hot, and it's a sweet strawberry cream flavor instead.  Surprise!

What do you do with rhubarb?

thanks to Mavis for the jam recipe