Friday, September 5, 2014

Walmart- something New

I am going to attempt something.  It's rather daring of me and a bit scary.  It won't be professional at all (maybe down the road ;)). So please bare with me and chime in whenever you want.

I'm a blog reader.  I enjoy international news to coupon clipping. What gets me is there aren't enough local blogs to cover my local needs.  So that is why I started writing  the series "What to do...?" because I don't go to Seattle or Olympia that often, which is where those bloggers live.  

And, wait for it, I'm attempting to start a series on Walmart.  I must preface this- I'm not a huge Walmart fan because of the theory of big box stores.  However, if I can save a few dollars there and do the rest of my shopping elsewhere that helps the little guy, I'm in. Here is my attempt to let you in on the 'secret' to shopping at Walmart.  If you have secrets I don't have, please share.  Also, this list is for our local Walmart at 172nd Ave.  The list would be a lot longer and better deals if you go to the superstore in Marysville, but who wants to drive there?!

The Rules:
1. Walmart will match an advertised price from any local store. See their store policy with the exact radius of distance between stores.
2.  All you have to do is tell the cashier at the register you are price matching.  You don't have to show them the ad from the other store or anything.  But, just for my piece of mind, I write down on my shopping list what store each price match is from- in case they need to check.
3.  Be honest.

Here is my list for 9/5/14:

- Challenge Cream Cheese $2.27
              ibotta -$.75
              coupon for -$1.00 on
Total price $.52

- Celery                       $ .58 cents/lb from Food Pavillion
-Green Grapes            $1.28 /lb from Food Pavillion
-Cheese, 2 lbs             $3.99      from Food Pavillion

I saved a total of about $5 just for these 4 items.  I had more things on my list, but this Walmart has a limited stock.  A superstore Walmart is where the savings are at.  So if you are driving by Marysville or the Lake Stevens Walmart you'll want to price match there.

What is ibotta?  I talk about it here. Go here to sign up for ibotta and save the easy way. Join my team and we earn money together. No coupons needed.