Friday, September 5, 2014

DIY furniture upgrade

photo by SMW

DIY has been a thing for my husband and I've since we've been married- 25 years to be exact.  We were DIY kings and queens before it was cool and hip.

We had skills and we weren't afraid to use them- shop vacs, saws-alls, power tools galore. Our garage is full of tools for every DIY project you might think of.

Since we are redoing the 1980 house we bought in SLC, Ut those tools and DIY skills have re-emerged.

After a long day of tiling a bathroom, I saw the above cabinet in the garage leftover by the previous owner.  It was dusty.  Like, 20 years of dust caked on it.  I didn't get a picture of the lovely gold medallions that went on the front, because they had been detached years ago.  The whole thing looked straight out of "I Dream of Genie"'s living room.

After I washed the cabinet and nailed the back piece in its original place and figured out that those medallions actually went with this cabinet, my brain started to move into gear.  Not only was there a stamp on the back that said "Lane"- yes, meaning high quality furniture, but I realized it would be super cute painted.

photo by SMW

The house has now transformed from multi-colored throw-up rooms to a cool shade of gray.  I hadn't planned on an accent color, but the girls renting the house had a cute clock this shade of blue.  So I matched the paint and it looks stunning in the living room.

My guess is this piece was a HiFi- which translates from the 1960's-1970's era into a media console.  This was the 'it' furniture to put your albums and music inside and a nifty turn-table on top for easy listening.

Don't you love it?  I do.  What have you transformed lately?

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