Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why Buy in Bulk?

Have you noticed food prices have gone up?  Hello, I'm down to 4 people at my house.  My food bill should be down.  It is NOT.

Let's talk buying food in bulk.  Not Costco talk, but bulk bins chatter.

At times, I've been skeptical of bulk bins.  Do they rotate the food often?  Are there people touching the foods, running their hands through the bins, sneezing on an open bin?  Is the quality of food as good as packaged goods? These thoughts do run through my mind.

While I read this post about bulk bins it helped ease my fears about hearing from actual grocery store clerks how they service the bin area.  At my local Winco I see them service the bins often.  At Whole Foods I have too.  And at QFC, whoa!  I love their bins!  I wish I had that store closer!

So here are the reasons to buy in bulk using the bulk bin area:

  • cost
  • reduce waste
  • eliminate the middle man
  • freshness
  • desired quantity
Do you have another reason for shopping the bulk bins?

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