Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanksgiving and Giving and Legacy

Boss Moss and I have been thinking about giving a lot lately.  But, first we've been really pondering Thanksgiving- not the holiday, but the action!

Giving thanks isn't always easy.  Ok, sure, people do it for days, even a year, on facebook.  It seems easy and can be easy to write down.  But, how Thankful are we.  Do we stop buying mindless crap, and give that money instead to someone else?  Do we hug our kids a little more and bless each day that they are alive? Do we erase 1 mindless thing we do with our time and replace it with something meaningful? (For example, take away one 30 min. tv show and spend that time giving service).

This isn't meant to be preachy...we've just changed our thinking and actions lately.  We've cut out a few things and WOW has it freed up time and we don't miss that surplus activity that didn't really matter.

Have you ever tried to change your routine?  Have you found more meaning being Thankful + Giving?

I love the above video.  I like how the lady was real at first- she said Giving for her didn't mean much until she put a purpose label with it.

At our house, we are trying really hard to change ourselves into Givers, not takers.  We also want to be Thankers.  In my mind, I think this is how you start the process of creating a legacy.  Legacy making takes time, action, and thought.  They aren't easy to do.  But they are worth it.

What did you think of the video above?

In harmony,