Friday, October 25, 2013

Lodge Dutch Oven and what to cook in it!

Another kitchen tool?!  Yes, this one is a must.  I say, yes, and I have a fair amount of kitchen tools that live in the garage because I have no room for them.  But this tool shall have a place of honor because it does .......(unveil) This!

my bread turned out yummy!

Here is how to make this recipe in detail.  It helps the food budget, helps the good ole' healthy diet plan, and takes no more time than hopping in the car to go buy bread.  Plus, it makes me feel at ease that I know what is IN my bread, not beaver's anus (yes, they do use that for a preservative).

So hop over to Fred Meyer this week and buy yourself a Christmas present (just unwrap it early!). It comes out to be $43.98, which is cheaper than Amazon, which is where I got mine.

In harmony,