Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kale Chips

After ten days of spinning plates, a.k.a. piano recital, end of school parties, moving my mother-in-law, basketball tournaments, the start of kids camps, starting to pack for Africa, and couponing and food shopping for my 5 children (whom are all adult eaters- but luckily they are pitching in to do some cooking!)... I finally had my first day of relaxation where I could work in the garden, take a nice walk with Bono, and make some Kale Chips!

I've tried these before at health food store samplers...but now that I have kale in my garden, I'm a happy camper!  This stuff is better than I thought- and 1/2 my kids like it!  Now that's a winner!

So here's to healthy eating this summer, a few days of fun in the sun (hopefully more than a few this summer in the NW), and relaxing from the grind.

Have you tried Kale chips?  Do you have a special recipe?  I'd like to know more.

In harmony,