Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Best Chocolate Cookies Ever

Why would anyone ever say that 1 chocolate chip cookie is enough?  Really, you say!  If it's good, enjoy more.  I have to confidently say NO in this situation.

Let's have an honest conversation about this.  I think in all the 30+ years I've been baking, I've come up with a mere baker's dozen of good cookie batches.  Oh, that's silly- you say.  No, I'm serious.  It's because I didn't know the mechanics of it all, until tonight.

First, it's the last day of school and summer is in session.  That makes for good MOJO.
Second, my senior girl, Reagan, and I were cooking together making calories for ourselves.  That makes for a good, PHAT, time!
Third, I read tips on how to make a perfect chocolate cookie and the author wasn't lying!  She knows her stuff, because we tried it and it's the truth.  There are really secrets about the perfect common cookie in America... like this tip:

"I also notice that when I get just the right amount of flour in the dough, it makes kind of a delicate sticky noise when I stir it. And you can file that under the world’s most obscure baking tips."

 Yep, I've "heard" that sticky noise when I made her recipe- it really is there.  My picture isn't a tell all about the results but, man oh man, they tasted like perfection.  Because this is a great day with my kids, on the cusp of a great summer!

Make up a batch and tell me what you think?  Is it the tips or is it the kids you make them with that make these cookies perfect????   I think it's BOTH!  Enjoy,

In harmony,

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