Thursday, April 11, 2013

Essential Oil blend- Deep Blue

Doterra has some great blends.  At our house, one of our faves is Deep Blue.  My husband has had a pain in his shoulder for a few months.  When he uses Icey Hot, no results, no relief.

Ah, but when I use Deep Blue on his aches- he sighs in relief.  He feels something and its a penetrating warmth that helps the healing process.  My daughters who are into sports also use it for shin splints and sore muscles after work outs.  Great results!

If that's not enough of a testimonial, my mother-in-law has severe arthritis in her back and sciatica.  She came over and couldn't decide if she should sit or stand because of her pain.  She was at that pain threshold of gritting her teeth and heavy breathing.  I gave her 10 drops of Deep Blue to rub on the painful area, then we put an ice pack on her.  Within 30 min. the pain had subsided enough and she was able to relax enough that she had a small nap in her chair.

This stuff is a must at our house- it's earned its place in our family emergency kit.

Try it. You can purchase Deep Blue blend and any other essential oils here.