Friday, April 12, 2013

Giveaway and the Concert is here!

Today it feels like there is going to be a know, the gitters, the anxiety if all will go well, and trying not to forget anything.  IT'S THE DAY OF THE WHOLIVES FOR WATER CONCERT!  Yes, tonight at 7pm, at the Arlington High School BPAC.

We've put all our 'tricks' or, rather, 'best talents' in the bag and we are ready to ROCK tonight!  I keep telling everyone how amazing this night will be- when I hear myself say that, I think, can I sound more cliche?  But, help me find a better way to describe this event and our line up?  This night is going to knock your boots off.  I am going to sport a little western like outfit, without boots though.  So if you're game to try this 'out there' show, I expect you to come- BE ADVENTUROUS!

Talking about adventure, I wanted to focus on music today since tonight we will be celebrating CLEAN WATER with music.  My first giveaway is a Jazz Book for late intermediate.  First you need to LIKE the Facebook page of Simplymusicwise then subscribe to follow this blog on the home page.  After that, leave a comment at the bottom of this post telling me that you did both things.  The Giveaway ends on Sunday night at 9 pm, April 21st.  Good luck.