Monday, April 15, 2013

The Concert- success!

Reagan, and the whole Hey, Gracie band rocked!  They have never sounded better.  I'm so proud of the entire band- thank you guys for your efforts, time, travel, and just 'being' you!

John Renouard gave a wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring talk about his organization, his dream and how all started. Here he and Reagan have a moment to thank everyone who supported the evening.

Nicci Renouard and I have a moment together.  She and John work so hard to make real change for the people in Africa.  I am so happy to be their friends.

The lobby before the event.  People were lined up early.  We had people from Seattle to Bellingham come see the event.

We had the Haller Middle School Marimba band and Keynote choir perform.  They rocked it on "Wakawaka"!  I was so tickled with their performances!  Manigua, the latin rock band from Seattle, brought the house down- people got out of their seats to dance!  Above is the last performance by Arlington High School students- a quartet- that sang the beautiful and poignant- "Prayer of the Children".  They brought tears to my eyes.
Thank you to everyone who was a part of this evening.  We won't forget it!
In harmony,