Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walmart Match-ups

I'm going to try and do a match-up like a few weeks ago. I do this for free, so if you like it, please subscribe, like this page on Facebook, and share with your friends.  I want to see if this is helping anyone, so send me a note.

September 29- October 4th, 2014  match prices

Iceberg lettuce                          .78   each
Pears                                        .58/lb
Tillamook Cheese                  4.99 / 2lb. block
cabbage                                   .28 /lb
chicken, skinned, breast         1.98/lb
beef stew meat                        5.49/lb

Sierra Mist, 12 pk or 2-liter   2.58 + ibotta rebate

Cheese has really gone up so that one is a steal.  All of these savings shaved about $10 off my bill and I went to 1 store for all these items.