Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!

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I'm usually done with Christmas shopping by now.  But things have been skewed here with missions, Africa, new jobs, etc.  For peace of mind, I like to be done with Christmas shopping so I can enjoy the holidays- that means Thanksgiving.  Sorry, friends, I am not a black friday shopper!

If you know me well, I find good deals.  Maybe not always rock bottom prices, but fairly close.  In the past, I've found that shopping online, or finding deals in September (granted that means you have to know what you are getting by then) equals the same prices as Black Friday.  These affords me sleeping in and more pajama time.  Love it!

The last 2 years we've used Amazon Prime.  This means we get FREE 2 day shipping (whoa! this is a life saver).  Instant streaming of movies (saves on movies!).  And free kindle books to borrow! (oh, yeah, reading is awesome!).  This membership is worth $79 a year.  If you use it instead of Netflicks, it's cheaper by about $2 a month AND you get free shipping when you buy online!

Since I'm late for Christmas shopping this year, I'm SO GLAD we have 2 day shopping at Amazon.