Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Place at the Table- - a food documentary

After you watch this, I am dying to hear some discussion on this!!  If you are even remotely interested in the food you eat, please comment.

You knew I was going to comment, so I won't make you wait any further.

1.  We all know that sometimes REAL food is more expensive.  But families need to learn or be TAUGHT that there is a way to buy wholesome, from nature food without breaking the bank.  I mean the example they showed blew me away:
Broccoli, O.J., and grapes = 300 calories= $3
Soda, chips, cookie pack, donut pack,= 3,200 calories=$3

2. In 1980 there were 400 food banks in America.  As of 2011, there are 40,000.  Whaa?  That's crazy sauce (no pun intended!).

3. That math escapes me.  If we have 40,000 food banks, then why are we food insecure?  Don't get me started.  My tongue is bloody from biting it- there are SOO many layers of issues in our country that are surrounded by issues of good and bad food situations.  But I am reminded to have loftier thoughts by this quote:
" The Bible states that pure religion is actually helping the poor, not theorizing WHY they are poor" see James 1:27 

Thanks for hanging in there with me on this, I had to get it off my chest.  For all of you who are on a new food journey, hang in there.  You are doing the write thing.  And by the way, plant a garden!

In harmony,

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