Thursday, October 10, 2013

A home in Space- Legacy

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As a kid, I was entranced with space.  I actually told everyone I wanted to be an astronaut.  That is knee-slapping hilarious, because I soon found out that science wasn't my strong hold and I'm more of a history/language kind of gal.  So much for dreaming.  That doesn't keep me from loving everything space though.  When we lived back East, we spent most of our weekends at the Air and Space Museum.  Sometimes, I wish my kids could have that experience.  I have very fond memories of that place and all that I learned.

Enjoy as you read about an astronaut Mom in space!  This is incredible to me.  Not sure if I could stomach leaving my kids that long.  But, what an experience!  Have you done anything this far-reaching?  Or rather far-reaching for you?

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