Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Garden Sept 2013

Jasper in the morning

This is what greets me in the morning.  A cat worshiping the sink.  Actually he loves the sound of the dishwater and the water when it comes out of the out take valve.  Animal rituals?  Heh?

Well, I am mammal and I do have my own morning rituals.  This morning was a little off kilter because Pierce went to Middle school and Madison went for her wisdom teeth out.  Other than that, my morning went like clock work.  Like this:
  • scripture/prayer/meditation time for me
  • put away misc. dishes/ clean up kitchen
  • feed dog (the cat is Gigi's job)
  • pick up behind other mammals in my house and place on stairs for them to put away
  • check email/facebook  while making a green smoothie
  • do any 'secretary' work
  • check garden, collect harvest, weed
  • workout
Everything before the workout part takes less than 40 min. and usually is done while multi-tasking.  All moms do the multi-tasking part, right?  What are your rituals in the morning?

This is my harvest for today.  The potatoes will feed us nicely for dinner.  Disclaimer:  I am normally NOT a green thumb.  I am TRYING to be a gardener.  And, this has been a great year to make me feel good about my gardening skills!  It's totally been worth it for the $180+ that I spent on my garden, and new grow boxes.  We've gotten that money back plus more.  I'm so excited about the cucumbers.  How has your garden been this year? Have you learned any new tricks?
In harmony,