Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's your sign?

I'm not really into my astrology sign ( by the way it's Pisces) and what all that means, but it does seem uncanny how they 'pin' you pretty dead on, as far as personality goes.

I recently heard of another test you can take to figure out who you are. It's called Myers-Briggs test.  Now, I've read the color code; Boss Moss has done loads of these tests at work- all with various names like "Many Hats" and comical names like that.  Why are we drawn to these?  Probably because we are always searching for who we are and what we will become.

So, if you dare take this you might be surprised, you might not. No matter what, you now have another label to add to your litany of names.  Me- pisces, right-brained, ENFJ, red, mom.

Then do your spouse, that provides all sorts of kicks.  Boss Moss is ESTJ.  Yes we are married!

You can go here to find your color code.  I'm red!

What are you?

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