Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Essential oils in your cooking

pinch of yum- brussel sprout salad

I made this yummy salad tonight for dinner with garlic mashed potatoes. I bought oranges especially for this salad.  But I forgot to do my usual 'hide that special ingredient away so no one uses it' trick. This morning the orange was there.  When I went to make the salad at 4pm, it was gone.  Quoi fare?  Essential oils to the rescue.  They are pure, you know!  Why not try them in food- most of them come from already edible sources.

So this recipe calls for pure juice of orange.  I used my Wild Orange EO from DoTerra.  It tasted fabulous.  Not sure why I doubted myself, I make Herbes de Provence from scratch using lavender from my garden.

This salad is excellent in my humble opinion and easy to make- plus these are 'go to' ingredients at our house.

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