Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How I eat

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You are wondering why I would tell you how I eat.  Fare question?  Most people don't ask "Hi, may I ask how do you eat?"  Of course, that's a ridiculous question.  But, since I brought it up, let's talk about it.

I am gluten free and have been for about 4 years.  I also have a low blood sugar problem and feel better when I eat small meals often.  Do I cheat?  You bet your boots.  I only cheat when I've been good for several weeks.  However, I usually regret it, and get back on the 'wagon' again without complaints.

What are my gluten symptoms?  I get extreme migraines and brain fog, low energy and aches.  My neighbor has the stomach kind of gluten intolerance.  My niece is celiac.  She needs a dedicated toaster for her diet. Yikes!

Do I buy gluten free foods?  I'm generally not a processed, boxed food kind of person.  In a pinch, I will buy gluten free pasta or bread, but generally I find other cheaper, live food options. I rarely eat pasta or Udi's etc.

 I've done lots of reading. There's Dr. Christopher's diet,, the french diet, low blood sugar diets, Victoria Boutenko's books, and the paleo diet. I don't consider myself a fanatic about any of these "methods"- if you call them that. I pick and choose what I like and realistically know what I can do.  Over time, I've tried to incorporate some of the more "difficult" changes into my diet.  Some stick, some don't. Basically, with the time and energy that I have I  eat more whole foods, use grains and corn tortillas for my 'breads', and cook from scratch what I can without going crazy.  There are limits people!

Here goes....this is what I eat:

              Water with  essential oils upon rising.
              When I feel hungry ( about 1/2 hour to 1 hour after the water) green smoothie shake

Mid- morning snack:
               Piece of fruit

               Salad, or corn tortillas with deli meat and lettuce, or left-over soup, red potato with    

              popcorn with melted coconut oil, dates, or celery and almond butter

              salad, meat, and potato or other starch vegetable ( no breads or pastas)

About 98% of the recipes I show here on
are gluten free, so these are what I use.  I also can't do much oatmeal anymore;  rats, my body just feels all mucusy (sorry, is that a word?) afterwards.  Maybe
I've eaten too much oatmeal over the years.

Another thing I've been doing to mix up the starchy vegetable idea is eating different grains.  Lately, I've been in love with quinoa, kamut, pearly barley, millet, and spelt.  They really pack a punch in my diet.  So, don't feel like you need to buy packaged foods on a gluten free diet.  There are options!

Thanks for hanging in there and reading this long post.

In harmony,