Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lee Rider Jeans- How to get a free pair of jeans!

Who needs a pair of jeans?  In the PNW, you wear jeans, sweats, or workout gear pretty much year round.  

When I was a teenager in Dallas, TX no one wore jeans ALL the time.  Jeans were for Friday football games or a service project. What did we wear?  Dockers or 'chinos' as we called them in the 80's.  Times have changed.  Comfort is king.

So Lee Rider jeans has a pitch.  Go to Facebook and 'like' their page. Then a screen will pop up so you can share with your friends.  If 10 of your friends like their page, you'll get a pair of jeans.  Sweet!

Please go 'like' their page here and then share on, my friends!