Thursday, October 9, 2014

6 Worst Buys at Costco

6 Worst Buys:
1) Soda: Why? Promotions can often be found at non-bulk stores and better deals often rotate toward the middle of month.
2) Condiments: Why? Unless you're  sharing these orders or splitting it among a huge household, they often expire before they can feasibly be consumed.
3) Bleach: Why? It degrades after 6 months so stocking up isn't always beneficial unless you do a ton of bleaching.
4) Brown Rice: Why? In most cases, it expires in 6 months compared to white rice, which can last up to 30 years!!

5) Beauty Products: Why? In most cases the shelf life is 6 months to one year and performance is greatly impacted upon expiration.  I try  to rotate my mascara every three months.

If you do any couponing at all don't buy at Costco:
6)Personal Products: Watch for sales and/or coupons and you can get shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste for free or less than a dollar each, yes, for brand names.
Next week I'll post on what I think are the best deals at Costco.  Please chime in your thoughts on the worst deals. What DON'T you buy at Costco? and why?