Thursday, September 11, 2014

DIY- A renovated bathroom

all photos by SMW

This is a bathroom from circa 1980.  It's been sitting like this, a little shabby, worn, and understyled for awhile now.  I should have gotten a full on photo shot of the teeny,tiny, dwarf-like vanity- but I was so anxious to rip everything out, I didn't.  My bad.

No need to explain the sore state of this bathroom.  But the, ahem, interesting part of this story is when we started to pull up the vinyl squares.  I must preface this story first.  Let's talk about when I tried to pull up the vinyl in the main bathroom.  That vinyl didn't want to leave.  It had held that floor for over 25 years and wasn't going anywhere.  My dear friend badly hurt her finger using a utility knife trying to cut it off! Casualties of vinyl, sheesh! I ended up hiring someone to remove the blasted vinyl.  A girl has to bring in the big guns sometimes.

Before the demo of the basement bathroom I had a tad bit of angst about ripping up that vinyl- could we do it? would we have to hire someone to remove it? would my girlfriend have to get stitches? It was a hand wringer.

Well, would you believe it but those bad boys just lifted off like nothing to it.  As in, they were never glued down.   Yes you read that correctly, they had sat there for decades just hovering above of the concrete floor, unattached! So much for my worries!

Out with the weird vinyl, the dwarf-like vanity, and we're off to the races.

Gig and I put down the tile, while Boss Moss made the cuts, and Eden helped me grout.  Boss Moss installed the vanity (which I lovingly spray painted) and a new larger toilet.  In 2 and a half days we have a beautiful bathroom that I'd gladly sit in.

What do you think?  Purty isn't she? Ah, much better!