Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What to do the Summer? Scrub-a-Mutt

photo by V. Dahlgren

Never mind my get-up, focus on Bono.  He is getting a doggy massage!  Say what?

Yes, Bono was pampered last Saturday at the Strawberry Fields Scrubb-a-Mutt day.  It's kind of like a street fair for dogs. The organization that puts this event on is raising money for dog shelters and the like.  

For a small fee (small, as in $10) Bono got a bath with warm water and his nails clipped, with the flashy bandana to top off his coiffe.

There were booths to buy dog paraphanalia and companies offering free doggie gifts.  Oh, and raffles with really awesome dog goodies going on all the time.

There was so much going on- the gawking at other dogs, pooches getting tangled up in leashes, and not to mention the LARGE breeds.  We saw a St. Barnard so big they had a ramp on the back of their truck so the Big Dog could get himself up to his seat.  That's a big, heavy dog!

So near the end of the summer, if you're a local, look for ads in the paper for the Scrubb-a-Mutt festival.  It's like a little fair day for your dog and you'll have some fun too.