Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Getting Creative on the Fly

image and craft by Leslie

Have you ever been in a bind and the answer came in such a flash that you couldn't stop believing you actually had an amazing idea that fast?

Well that happened at my house over the weekend!  Woot woot!

Reagan was heading out for prom and her date called to say he was running late because he was waiting in line to get her corsage.  You should've seen her expression while she was on the phone.  Like, "holy batman!  I forgot to buy him a boutonniere!"

If you remember this craft I did  in January, that was the epic flash I had!  Make this into a boutonniere- and we did it in about 10 minutes with paper, ribbon, leaves from a bush in the yard, and a hot glue gun (reminds me of the song from Mary Poppins "with paper and string, you can make your own kind of wings...").

It turned out her date thought it was the coolest thing.

What do you think?  Would you have done it?

Maybe I'll start a new boutonniere trend!!