Friday, February 7, 2014

Goals for 2014-

photo simplymusicwise

So I made some goals.  Most of us do.  Around February we'll truckin' on with our goals, checking off lists.  It feels good.  I'm feeling the 'high' today because I did my craft goal.  Those lovely beauts above.

The details: Paper roses are so fun to make.  It's a rare find on Pinterest, let me tell you.  When you have lots of music laying around like I do, what do you do with it?  Make paper roses. The rose in the back is from 100 year old music from my Grandmother.  Yessirree!  That's for Boss Moss.

And the rose in the front is for a friend, which if you are a reader living near me, you'll probably get one soon!  Wink!  This paper is from Italian opera music that I don't think I'll be playing soon.  I also made a Christmas garland, which started the craft bug again.

Anyone want to join me for rose making?