Thursday, January 23, 2014

Goals for 2014

Is it ok to start your goals a little late? I haven't been hibernating,  promise ya.  My neighbor Jason says better late than never! Ha!

Whole-heartedly I agree and have decided this post is my kick off.  In truth, I've started a couple of my goals already, even before New Year's Day, I just hadn't officially decided if I would make them stick.  Ya know, trying it out, like a new pair of pants.

Goals 2014:

1. Find the best natural beauty products for my hair and face.  Help friends, even though I'll be turning 45 here around the corner, I still struggle with beauty products.  Why is this a bane in my life? Sigh, things could be worse.  My skin and hair texture decide to change at whim; I can't find a product that I like within my budget.  So I've been surfing Pinterest for ideas.  Reagan and I have tried out two recipes for hair softeners that worked for her but not for me (of course).  But, never fear, this is the year, I feel it.


2. Walking 12,000 steps a day/ Fit into my pants. Writing this goal seems so banal and ordinary.  I'm not lying here, when I say that I eat super healthy and I don't understand why my pants don't fit.  I'm worried that they look indecent?!  My middle age self is telling me that I'm not exercising enough, which I keep telling my 40 something self that I'm fine.  But my pants don't lie. If you see me without my pedometer, please call me on it! Nuff said.

photo simplymusicwise

3. Do a craft a month. In my younger, peppier days, I was super crafty.  Then I went through my overwhelmed, fast paced period.  Let's call it the Blue period (original aren't I?).  During my Blue period, I didn't craft one single bit- I eschewed it.  Fancy dictionary word for ran from it, quit it, hated it. I'm not sure why the Blue period created such a waste place for crafting?  I'm now in my Rainbow period (and have been for a few years) and crafting is back.  In December, I made this banner to see if I liked the idea of crafting with all that I have going.  It's a yes! Join me once a month to see what's going down with crafts.

4. Secret goal- to be announced at a later date!  This goal is going to take some DISCIPLINE. And my girls are doing it with me and they are busy!  I can't wait to tell you.

Please, share your goals for this year, if you will.