Friday, January 24, 2014

Up I-5 to Lynden, WA

photo by simplymusicwise

Boss Moss drove the family up to Lynden last weekend to visit family.  I especially love that drive.  If I had my drothers, I would fly everywhere.  It would be thrilling to see all the white geese in the fields from above.  (My favorite is the one with the curvy neck eating off the ground.)  But, since we don't have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in our garage, we'll use gravity when we drive.  

We live in Snohomish county.  Heading straight up I-5 takes you through 2 more counties on to Lynden.  Skagit and Whatcom counties are so lovely, like heavenly lovely!  Not sure what all those Indian county names mean, but I'd guess they wanted to shout 'We live in the coolest place!'.

After some big rivers, like the Stillaguamish and the Skagit river, (more fun-to-say Indian names) oohing and awing through tulip country near Mt. Vernon, winding through deep valleys and lakes, then Bellingham- a turn-of the-century city (meaning 1900's and cute gingerbread houses), and finally this shows up in view, Bam!

Mt. Baker! A volcano.  We have 3 major volcanoes in Washington.  I live near 3 volcanoes. Stop the car! I knew it, just realized it, though! 

No not really!  Our house is safely out of blast range.  However, no one is clear of the Ring of Fire around here.  For now, we have this peaceful view. AAH!