Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year Excitement and gone with Burnout!

no burnout here, just pure exhiliration!

Everyone online seems to be talking about getting over burnout.**
 I must be ahead of the curve because I was having me some serious burnout about 7 months ago.  Whew! Over that now and feeling good!  Excited to go to work and be with kids, all these ideas running through my head of things to do with my family- I think that's a sign I'm over the mindfry.

Plus, I'm excited for the new year.  Truly- even though at home we have some challenges coming our way.  And, they aren't necessarily in our control. But, I feel peace in my heart.  It's all good.

Burnout is so real for everyone.  It creeps up unexpectedly.  The nagging problem won't go away even with our best efforts, at times.  This problem can be so frustrating and there might not be a solution that fits for you, readily in view.  Some people suggest taking a sabbatical.  Others leave their jobs and find new ones.  What do you do to combat serious burnout?

It happens in any area of life: child-raising, work, marriage.  I don't have any answers, but I'd like to hear yours.  I think it's a very individual sort of solution and psychology plays a big part in helping anyone get through it.  One way I combat it is to read self-help books and talk to friends.  Let me know your ways of coping?

In harmony,

** see here and here  for some good discussions on burnout and how others combat it.