Monday, January 20, 2014

Music Moment Monday

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If you have a jones for some latin  music in your life this weekend, check out Manigua, one of my favorite latin bands.  The keyboardist is in Boss Moss's band and he's from Peru!  Go Peru!

Manigua was so kind to perform at Reagan's benefit concert back in April.  People got up and danced in their seats that night.  It was pumpin'.

Manigua has performed at the University District's Street Fair, Reverb festival, Seattle Alley Art, Habana Sodo, Seattle Art Walk, Club Sur, The paragon, Afro-Latino Festival, as well as several charity events around Seattle.  Whew!  They have an exhaustive schedule, but they keep heating up the stage with that hip swayin' latin fusion rock!

Come see them this Saturday, January 25th, 9 p.m. at Club Sur, in Seattle.