Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hermana Moss serves a Mission

Junkyard Grill in Arlington, WA

Last night we did a rare thing- went to eat, yep, hamburgers and grease!  Luckily they had yummy chicken burgers.  We needed to celebrate Madison being a sweet part of our family (she's leaving for 18 months to serve a mission for our church) and Gigi is turning 16 next week (both ideas make me feel a little nauseous).

This morning at 3 am, Evan and I woke up to get Madison to the airport. She flies to Atlanta, GA then to Lima, Peru. It will take 2 days of flying.  Madison wasn't very talkative as she's not a morning person.  I didn't want to cry on the way there.  So we mostly chit chatted about non-essentials on the way there. I do feel a little numb about the whole thing.  But I know that there is no better year and half spent for Madison.  My friend Mila put it this way : "I don't think I can imagine how you feel right now, so happy and so sad to see your baby go, just thinking of you and how special you are to have prepared your child to serve her Father in Heaven."

Madison is SO prepared for this journey of hers and we are SO proud of her for maturing to this point of her 20 years of life.  She will serve the people of Peru, love them, and teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Before I went to bed last night, I looked around the house.  I saw Madison's suitcases all prepared over several months of shopping, her room packed up in boxes, and the last lunch I'll probably ever make for her sitting in the fridge.  That's when my tears fell.  

How did Heavenly Father ever send his Son here, to earth, a little speck?  I don't understand it but I'm grateful for it beyond belief. I love my daughter for being brave, unselfish, and willing to serve her Father.

God bless her.