Monday, January 6, 2014

Music Moment Monday

Raise you hand if you love the Sound of Music?  We do at our house.

For Christmas, my girls were given tickets to the Sound of Music Sing-Along!  Oh yes, this is a treat.  This was held at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle.  For one night you get to live like you are in a musical!  There are subtitles on the big screen and the WHOLE audience sings their heart out.

If you ever go, make sure you plan out a costume in advance.  My girls whimped out and didn't do their costume.  They were going to dress up in brown paper with string. Don't you love it?!.  Boss Moss and I went once and some people had clothes in the exact fabric of the drapes, no joke.

Then of course, in front of you there might be an opera singer who knows all the lines without the subtitles.  Or behind you, the fella that yells out quips other than the ones instructed.

Oh yeah, when you enter the theater, they give you a bag of tricks.  There are instructions as to when you set off your poppers and when you yell certain words (reminiscent of Rocky Horror show!)
It's a hoot and a riot- I could go every time it comes to town and not tire of it.

Hope your Monday back to school went smooth.

In harmony,

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