Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teaching your kids to eat healthy!

This is an average day at the Moss house, and many homes I know.  Teaching our kids about food: how to make good choices, where food really comes from (like Nature!), planting a garden, looking for local sources of food, and on and on.  It's a real hunt out there for good food and it's a teaching/learning process to show our American kids what Healthy is!

I happened upon a blog that had a HUGE explosion of discussion over this topic.  Get your hot water boiling now for hot chocolate, pull up a chair and read the comments- I found them extremely interesting!

First, I want to thank my mother for teaching me good eating habits.  She purposefully introduced us to unusual and healthy foods- like artichokes and lobster, red cabbage and sauerkraut.  We didn't always like it, but we were learning that there is a world of foods out there.

I'm doing the same with my children.  Have I forced them?  No.  Some have embraced healthy choices, others haven't.  But they can't come back and say I didn't show them or cook for them a healthy fare.  I've spent the better part of 24 years laboring over menu plans, shopping, and searching for healthy recipes.

For example, a friend and I went to an Asian/Indian grocery store.  I've seen a lot of strange fruits and vegetables but this one had new furry, blobby looking fruits I'd never seen.  And everything looked delicious and natural.  Not pumped up, fakey, warehouse looking produce!  We came away with samples of new food, spices for new healthy experimental dishes, ready to show our family that healthy is an adventure!  Nutrition Taught!!

Let me know your thoughts on teaching your children to be healthy!!  Many of you are concerned I know, and most of us are trying to be better than what we were shown.  Let's help each other out with a new legacy of teaching our children to choose healthy.

In harmony,


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