Friday, November 1, 2013

How I revamped a Good entry table into a Better entry table


I bought this lovely bombay style entry table about 21 years ago.  It has been quality- even though I bought it on the cheap at a scratch and dent sale.  Can you notice that the fake drawer fronts  are not level?

Well, can I tell you for 21 years that bugged me?!

If you came to my house for the past 15 years, you would have seen it with a fabric cover over it (which I forgot to take a picture of, but I thought it was cute).  The cover had a purpose: 1) to hide the fake drawer mishap 2) a place to shove shoes so no one could see a pile of shoes.

I'm a little slow sometimes to design, especially when it comes to my own things.  Wait, hold the horse- if I walk into my friends homes or a stranger, I have all sorts of suggestions and ideas instantly pop into my head how they can paint a wall or even remove one.  But, seeing my own things and space day after day, my brain gets dulled.  Yes, lacklustered, cobwebby, brain space.

One day I walked by that table and said- 'You my friend are going to change.  Today.'

And I went to the place of all DIY persons, Lowes, and found an embellishment- see below.
wood rope added

The wood rope and the table were then covered in Kilz, all whitey white, which enhanced the chicness of the wood rope.  Isn't it charming!?

Most my furniture is black.  I've been wanting a black entry table- and now I have one.  It makes me happy.  And did you notice?  Oh, how sneeky this whole process was.  You can't tell that the fake drawer isn't level anymore.  The wood rope creates a trompe l'oeil (that's fancy french for a trick to the eye) so you don't even see it.

This table won't be hidden under fabric.  It'll be here another 21 years!!  

Here is my foyer (or rather front door/living room/right up to the stairs) area.  The front mat is Flor tiles with a slight brocade pattern.  My daughter painted the 'enhanced'  Fragonard painting.  That's a story for later.  My lovely lemon plant, which promises big lemons.  The lovely baskets: one has shoes in it and the other has knitting.  The mirror is an antique, but I'm thinking about painting the brown wood black.  Horrors?  Would this be a crime?

Now that we are selling our house, I finally have things the way I want them.  Isn't that how it goes?!

What do ya think?