Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Tile Project at Our House

This is our lovely jetted tub- it gets a lot of use around here.  Those messaging jets, a little essential oil, even epsom salts to sooth muscles:  whooa, I need a bath.

The main distraction of this tub, ahem, are those tiles.  They are coming off and don't really match with the 'feel' in our bathroom.  It's time those puppies leave!

You bet your bonnets it's time!  The box you see there is tile we bought at Costco- wait for it..........., 1 1/2 years ago.  Sitting there, being patient, wondering if they'll be used or not, pining away in a box- poor things!

This is what I did one day- Boss Moss wasn't so sure it was a good idea.  Everything was going perfect, until, oops part of the wall came off.  Ouch!  So that cost a pretty penny later. Otherwise, the taking off process took about 20 min. and was easy, except for the 2 feet of wallboard that came off.

My attempt at putting up the tile by myself.  Quickly found out I needed second set of hands.  Boss Moss is much handier than I.

Here it is all finished with the caulking done.  Looks pretty good!

Now I can take a bath and sigh even more- I love my tile!

Thanks for hanging in there with me, tile in a box- you are faithful as you are pretty!

What are your projects at your house?