Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What do you do with your Zaycon Chicken?

This is a box of Zaycon chicken.  It is large.  40 pounds large!  Why would anyone order 40 pounds at a time?  Save money, save money, save money-  this is our mantra!  $1.89 a pound kind of mantra....booya!

This is 2 breasts of Zaycon chicken.  Usually I put 2 pairs of these in a ziploc bag, after I take off the yellow fat.  I collect the yellow fat for a friend who gives it to her dog.

Out of 40 pounds I was able to get 17 bags of chicken plus one pair of breasts going in the crockpot for dinner!!  Can we talk easy meals and chicken at the ready!!

If you are looking for delicious, healthy chicken try Zaycon.  What do you do with yours?