Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Music Moment

I love hymns, they are packed with meaning and the music gives me a definite mood- happy, sad, reflective- to suit the scripture it's describing.

Last weekend, at Time Out for Women, one of the presenters started his presentation with singing a Psalm in Hebrew.  It seemed sad at first, but then the room filled with hope even though we didn't know the words (yet).  After he sang, the English came up on the front screen.  Oh, a Psalm that we all knew?! Yes, it was in a different language, but we had no idea what the tune meant.  

We can hear a song in another language and still know the tune, right?  But the ancient Hebrews had the Psalms before us, why is that we feel we should recreate the songs for the Psalms- they are so relaxing and emotion packed.  Listen to this beautiful singer of the beloved Psalm 23.

In harmony,


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