Friday, September 6, 2013


What is a technoliday?  No + technology+ holiday=  taking a holiday from using screens, cell phones, any of that ilk.

Is it hard?  Heck ya!  Even us mom's that have a dislike of technology (especially the screen time our children partake of) find it hard to abstain for a day.  I mean no email, no facebook, no texting, really?  It's how we communicate now, give me a break.

I needed to have a meeting the other day with my sweet friend.  She said she had time, just call her on the phone.  I was so dissappointed- I wanted some face time, not technology time.  Ack!  What are we all turning into?!

In our house on Sunday's we TRY, mostly try, to take a technoliday.  Usually we don't turn on the tv until 8pm.  But we still find ourselves using other media during the day.  It's too tempting.

Have you done a technoliday before? How did it go?

Would love to know?
In harmony,

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