Thursday, September 5, 2013

Saving for Christmas- Family Style

Since it's drizzly out and all the kids under 16 are at school, I'm thinking about Christmas.  Should I break out the music yet?  Reagan did a few weeks ago.  I'm going to wait.  But, what I am NOT going to wait on is saving for Christmas.  We don't go over board on Christmas- we do a little new, a little homemade, a little giving, a little receiving.  But, to do that there needs to be cash.  No debts here for Christmas- not our style.

Awhile ago, Boss Moss and I each set up an online account to save for Christmas.  We put in spare money here and there each month and wow! by December we always have enough and usually then some.  Now, mind you, I buy when I see a deal, so sometimes we take money out of that account to buy something in September (if we know what a certain child wants/needs by then).  Other times, we are up to the last minute, doing a 2 day Fedex rush package.

We like Capitol One 360 savings.  They have features for your savings goals that are cool- like email alerts that you've made your goal(yipee!) or how much more you need to make your go
(Go gettum!).  There is teen checking also, which is a big topic around here with all our teens and young adults- money and how to get it is dinner fodder for conversation!Pleasant.

What do you do to save money for Christmas?  How do you get your kids to save money?  It's always nice to get a fresh, real, perspective.

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