Sunday, July 7, 2013

Seattle Staycation

Reagan at the Seattle Library Red Room

If you live near Seattle, you've done the usual- Pike's Place Market, Space Needle and Science Center, the Woodland Zoo, the Aquarium, the underground tour, the duck tour...all the usual spots.  But, what do you do when you've done those ad-infinity-um and you need to freshen up the downtown tour? Of course, you ask your teen and older kids to decide where THEY want to go.

This is what we came up with on a day in Seattle: (we did this before Reagan left)
1.  The Arboretum.  This is a really cool, even romantic place (Evan and I went here a lot when we were dating).  For our family, it was exciting because we saw HUGE yachts, the rowing team pass by TWICE (more bang for our buck!), a sea plane take off, and the cutest ducks.  The scenary is out of this world gorgeous even for Washington.  The canoe rental is just $9.
* since this is right next to Husky Stadium we got to peek through the fence and watch the tryouts for the Husky football team.  Very impressive muscle action and running going on that day!

2. The Columbia Tower.  It has over 76 floors, which you can go up almost to the top.  This is the tallest building west of the Mississippi (spell that fast, can ya?) and the views are amazing.  As an added bonus, there are people from all over the world enjoying the 360 view up there.  We ended up talking to a couple from Switzerland for about 30 min.  We traded business cards.  Hey, maybe we can couch surf next time we are climbing the Matterhorn?! By the way, this was waaay cheaper than the teeny Space Needle and much cooler views.

3. Seattle Library.  This was #1 on the teen/adult child list.  I'd never given this building a second glance before, but it's only 2 blocks away from the Columbia Tower and it looks like a glass book (that's what the architect says, anyway). The bottom floor has cool wooden floors that are embossed with the alphabet in different languages.  So designer, linguistic chic! Free to enter.

Gigi waiting for the Ferris Wheel

4.  Next, stop was the Ferris Wheel on the Pier.  The line was NOT long, which I was worried about.  However, while you are waiting in line, you can worry about your Visa bill to ride this giant circle (it was pricey for my family!)  It was super cool though because you hang out over the water and get cool views and plenty of time inside the glass room you are in with your friends and loved ones to make plenty of jokes.  It was a one-time experience for me.  However, it might be really cool at night. I personally enjoyed the Columbia Tower more.

Eden, Gigi, Reagan, and Pierce near the sculpture garden

5.  The Pier- we've walked the Pier many times, but it seems to be getting dirtier and attracting more drugs out in the open.  That might be our last visit to that part of time.  But, we did walk all the way to the north end to our last destination, which was CLOSED!  Yes, the Olympic Sculpture garden was closed for a fancy private party and there was security waving us away very enthusiastically.  We did get a peak at a few sculptures and I want to go back to see it for sure.  This place is free.

6.  We chose to eat at Dick's Hamburgers, but not one close to downtown because of traffic.  Once we headed out of town and got to the famous burger joint, it was HOT outside.  The family got the usual and I just wanted something cool- but I did have 2 french fries and a sip of someone's shake.

That was our family staycation close to home.  What do you do when you are having a day close to home?

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